Welcome to What’s The Movie Answers, the unofficial site for fans of the hit mobile app that’s sweeping the nation. Do you think you’re a film buff? Test your Movie IQ with this game and when you get stuck, we’ll be here to help you out. Every answer for each level, release updates, news and more, await you at What’s The Movie Answers. If you are interested in speaking to other fans of this game, join the conversation at our Facebook page.

What’s The Movie Answers is a website created by fans of the game. This is an unofficial site that offers help for players who get stuck on different levels and need a little nudge to get going again. Having other fans of the game talking about the different aspects is what we like to see. If you need tips or hints for any level, check out the site and see if that helps you jog your memory. Another option is to visit with us on our Facebook page.

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What’s The Movie Answers

What's The Movie Answers is the best site site on the internet for answers and cheats for every level of What's The Movie. If you need get stuck on any of the levels in any category, including 00s And Beyond, 1970s And Before, 1980s, 1990s, Comedies, Horror and more. Just choose the category and find the screenshot of the level you are stuck on we'll give you the answer.